FAIL: Serving prefixes with DHCPv6-PD

By Kevin
Category: misc

I've been wanting to update the lab for some time so people can bring in their routers to simulate what they'll be seeing at home. This would also allow us to mock things up for ourselves without tearing apart our home networks. For now, this means DHCPv6-PD (Prefix Delegation) as that is what many ISPs are deploying. I finally got some time last weekend to start updating the lab. Sadly, I couldn't get it to work.

To delegate a prefix to downstream, a DHCPv6 server must allocate a free prefix from its pool and then update the router configuration with the new target for that prefix. In our case, the DHCPv6 server and the router are the same machine, so no crazy remote updating is needed. We're running ISC DHCPd at the moment. It turns out, there is no way to update the routing table with this software. Someone has already tried to do this! In our case the IPv6 prefix is static, so there was no need to get a dynamic prefix from upstream. However, the crux of the problem is that while ISC makes hook scripts available for the events, they don't provide the target address to create the route. The linked article was written two years ago. I can find no evidence that anything has changed in that time. If someone out there has gotten this to work with existing software that I haven't found, please let me know.

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