Learn IPv6 Troubleshooting!

By Joni
Category: misc

Someone around here tried to convince me to go to Southeast Linux Fest 2013. Without thinking about the consequences, I replied truthfully. I said I much prefer to go to conferences when I'm speaking. Other attendees, after learning some of my strengths, ask me questions, so I'm involved in more conversations that are often quite lively. I enjoy public speaking, and I definitely air my opinions! It does put me in the spotlight, but I get a lot more (both information and fun!) out of the conference if I present.

You do see where this is going, right?

Yes, despite having never been to SELF before, I will be speaking at SELF 2013 on IPv6 Troubleshooting. I've watched some of the videos from previous years (suggestion) to get a feel for it, and I'm excited! The draft schedule is on the Southeast Linux Fest site already, and (for now) I'm speaking Saturday at 4 PM in the Digium room. Please come join the fun!

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